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Stephen Avalone

CEO, Bluecrew

Stephen Avalone is the CEO of Bluecrew, a technology platform that automatically matches job seekers with W2-protected hourly work nationwide. Mr. Avalone brings decades of start-up and scale experience to the role with a track record of building winning products, removing friction and unlocking revenue.

Prior to joining Bluecrew, Mr. Avalone spent nine years at Amazon where he led incubation teams that planted the seeds for Amazon Assistant and Amazon’s Onsite Publisher and Influencer programs—channels that were ultimately responsible for more than a billion in incremental sales. Prior to this, Mr. Avalone helped drive Rakuten’s push into the U.S. market as President within the global e-commerce giant’s U.S. arm. Earlier in his career, Mr. Avalone served as CEO and President of CauseLoyalty, LLC, a social networking, shopping and affiliate platform, which was acquired by Rakuten Marketing in 2009. Mr. Avalone has also served in leadership roles at NetByTel, Inc, a telecommunications company and ASG Allen Systems Group, an enterprise software company.

Mr. Avalone earned his MBA from Monmouth University and his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management from Stockton University.