Bluecrew's on-demand mobile platform is transforming how people connect with sustainable work.

Bluecrew is the only on-demand technology platform dedicated to connecting people to flexible W-2 protected jobs. Bluecrew’s mobile app allows hourly workers to access quality employment from top brands across industries like warehouse, manufacturing, retail and hospitality while empowering workers with control of when, where and how many shifts they take. Unlike typical gig platforms, all Bluecrew Members are W-2 classified workers, eligible health benefits and protections such as sick leave and workers compensation. 

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Quick Facts

  1. 17

    Bluecrew operates in 17 markets across the U.S.

  2. 100

    100% of Bluecrew workers can access health benefits and protections, including paid COVID-19 sick leave

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    Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Workplace Companies of 2020