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Vimeo and the Honda Insight 'Let it Shine' Campaign By Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Buzzes Throughout the Internet

Monday, May 11, 2009 - 03:00

NEW YORK, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Vimeo, LLC, operators of a leading online video sharing service, has collaborated with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam to break the boundaries of custom integration with a complex and unprecedented media-rich full page takeover of the Honda Insight "Let it Shine" campaign. The community -- made up of passionate content creators -- embraced the integration wholeheartedly. In less than a week, the integration received 160,000 plays.

Vimeo engineers in the U.S. worked with the interactive creative team at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam to make such a seamless, highly integrated takeover a reality. The takeover incorporates such creative elements as watching plants grow along the sides of the page or having the lens flare from the sunrise sprawl across the entire page. Combined, these complex elements create a fully integrated user experience that embraces the spirit of the ad's creative. See the integration at was the only online video sharing site that Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam selected to implement their custom ad integration of its 'Let it Shine' campaign.

Recognizing that the creativity of the Honda campaign would resonate with their audience of creative auteurs and videomakers, Vimeo's staff worked with the Holland-based agency to execute an elegant and compelling page takeover. In the two weeks since its launch, the campaign has accumulated about 215,000 views, nearly 2,000 "Likes," more than 2,000 Tweets and 370 comments... and not just any comments... remarks like:

  • "I think I witnessed something very special here."
  • "This worked. I will remember it."
  • "That is how you advertise."
  • "I think you just blew my mind."
  • "That's what we call breaking the framing edge. Absolutely brilliant presentation."
  • "That was quite a little experience. Very creative execution. Kudos!"

Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Interactive Art Director Nacho Guijarro said, "We wanted to take the 'Let it Shine' experience to the next level and wondered, 'How can we enhance the experience of watching the Honda ad without breaking-up the storytelling? How can we intrigue and enhance the user experience?' The obvious and only choice was Vimeo."

"We look to integrate advertiser content that will appeal to and engage our community, and that is exactly what the Honda Insight page takeover did," said Dae Mellencamp, Senior Vice President of Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. and General Manager of Vimeo. "Vimeo is just the right audience to appreciate such an elegant and eloquent campaign. We bring to the table an expertise in custom integration. Our team of experienced filmmakers and web developers both 'got-it' and the collaboration between Vimeo and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam began."

Vimeo, LLC is a Mindspark™ Company

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